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About Us

The company NTC d.o.o. was created like product of the strategic linking of the firms MEX from Podgorica and Mercator from Slovenia. At that moment happened the selectionand separation  of the distribution net which was preformed by MEX wholesale. From 1st January 2008. NTC started with work like a MEX’s legal successor.


In the conditions of the competition, on the market, the impression is equalizing of the positions with competing companies in all business segments ( assortment, price, service, payment conditions…). However, considering the experience, results, business strategy, it is considered that NTC provided place for itself among the leading companies in our market. Managemet of the company is composed by the team of young , capable and creative people which are trying to contribute in the best way in oreder to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Knowing the habits and needs of customers, NTC company has completely adapted its offer to our market, bearing in mind that the satisfied and faithful consumer is the best confirmation of the success in the business. Using the GPS and GPRS systems in the business, is providing us effective tracking and communication of logistics and management. Among other things, we are using all the latest information technology trends regarding the distribution of the beverages and the food.


Our future plans are very ambitious. The companies we are co-operate with are exceptionally satisfied with our operations and actions, so that we are one recognizable partner on the market in the domain of trade. When it comes to investments, our goal is to go ahead always and to set new benchmarks and standards in the distribution of the products which we represent.

NTC doo
PIB: 02678187
Veselina Masleše 13
81400 Nikšić, Montenegro
Contact phones:
+382 68 88 90 50
+382 40 21 86 20
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